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Are Watches Fashionable?

Are Watches Fashionable?

An elegant watch is not just a fashion accessory that completes an equally chic outfit. It’s also about having a practical device at hand that helps you keep track of time as you go about your day.

If you ask those who are older than you, they will tell you that not so long ago the wristwatch was the most popular device. People considered the man who wears a watch on his wrist to be a modern and organized person, whose worries and interests make him constantly look at his watch.

However, due to the proliferation of mobile devices, especially smart ones, some believe that the wristwatch belongs in a museum with other antiques, while others consider it one of the essential elements for an elegant and stylish appearance.

Are watches a fashion statement or an attractive timepiece?

One of the arguments for watches is their value in modern society. Will there be a time when watches will be an old relic? I think so. About 15 years ago, if you asked someone what time it was, they looked at their wristwatch and told you the time. Today, if you ask someone the time, they ask if you don’t have a phone and walk away.

Our attention is mostly focused on the phone. So when we want to know the time, our natural instinct is to look at the phone. Others will argue that this is simply a millennial thing, that older generations still use clocks to tell the time, which is not true. If there is one function of the phone that the older generation has adopted, it is telling the time and forwarding WhatsApp messages. So why do people still buy watches?

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Watches are a sign of social status. In the past, the wealthy were the only ones who could afford a watch. Back then, there were only designer watches. Although watches have become more affordable today, the mentality is still the same. People who wear a wristwatch are perceived as respectable people in society. Among those who know the handshake, a watch can show success and taste.

Watches come in a variety of designs that make the utilitarian purpose fade into the background. Most designer watches are made of an expensive material like gold and decorated with diamonds. Designers like Rolex, Cartier, Patek Phillipe, Swarovski and others design watches in collaboration with celebrities. For example, Jay-Z aka Sean Carter has his own line of Hublot watches.

Watches complete an outfit. Most people choose watches only because they complement the outfit of the day, just like we choose shoes. Watches have undeniably been reduced to bracelets with an expensive price tag. Occasionally we glance at the watch to check the time, but mostly it is to admire its beauty.

Social experiments have shown that people don’t know how to tell time on analog watches. Jimmy Kimmel, a popular TV talk show host, has a recurring episode on his show where someone goes out on the street and interviews random people. In this episode, some kids were asked to tell time with an analog clock. All but one of them got it wrong.

A man arm in a brown jacket is holding the door handle of a car.
A man arm in a brown jacket is holding the door handle of a car.

Did you know that men are wearing watches that don’t even tell time? That’s the latest watch trend, according to a recent Wall Street Journal report. When you can tell the time so easily on your phone these days, it’s actually a surprise that watches haven’t fallen into disrepute.

But style apparently says more than you think when it comes to watches, they seem to have a place in fashion, whether they work or not.

People do not want to lock away their irreplaceable antique watches, they want to enjoy them. In any case, watches need to be regularly wound and serviced to remain in pristine condition, and this is easily accomplished when a watch is worn and cared for.

A perfectly functioning antique or vintage watch is a prized possession, and some come with a hefty price tag. Despite the recent trend of wearing vintage watches that don’t actually work, an antique or vintage watch or pocket watch that keeps time is worth much more.

Here are 5 reasons why people should wear watches

1. Your choice of watch is your fashion statement

According to the New York Times, the fashion industry has transformed the wristwatch from the battlefields of the late 19th and early 20th centuries to a modern fashion accessory. With so many different brands and designs on the market today, your choice of watch can really set you apart. Luxury watches can also be a badge of your prestige or social status.

2. Watches ensure comfort and efficiency

Imagine you were in a hurry to get to a job interview and you forgot your phone. How could you be sure you would show up on time? The answer is simply a watch. You would flip your wrist over and know how much time you had left. For a forgetful person, a watch can sometimes be a lifesaver.

Watches also allow you to know the time on special occasions and in special situations. Cell phones may not be the best choice for soldiers, pilots or divers to keep track of time, but watches are. There are different types of watches tailored to their specific needs. Cell phones are not ideal for a female student during her exams or for a gentleman during a romantic date, driving or a business meeting, but watches are. That’s why it’s more convenient to wear a watch. In the hustle and bustle of modern life, it’s important to keep track of time.

3. Watches are good conversation openers

Tips to break the ice? Ask what time it is if your conversation partner is wearing a watch. It would be even better if you know something about watches. Then the conversation will get going all by itself. There are many topics you can talk about, such as the history, craftsmanship, or special details of the watch.

When you start wearing a watch, collecting watches, or learning about watches, you already have a secret tool of socialization.

Close-up of a man in a suit unbuttoning his jacket.
Close-up of a man in a suit unbuttoning his jacket.

4. Watches as an investment

It may sound strange, but watches can be a good investment for you. A watch, especially an iconic or rare limited edition watch, will increase in value over time. If you are lucky enough to own such a special watch, you are likely to make profits in the future.

One advantage of investing in watches is that they don’t necessarily come at too high a cost. A quality watch can last a lifetime and even hundreds of years if well cared for and treated. People can pass their watches on to their children or grandchildren. High-quality watches usually offer a long manufacturer’s warranty in case they have any defects.

5. Wearing a watch means punctuality and conscientiousness

A watch is a symbol of time, and wearing a watch means respecting the importance of time. In a study conducted by researchers David Ellis of the University of Lincoln (UK) and Rob Jenkins of the University of York (UK) in 2015, results show that “watch wearers are more conscientious and punctual than those who do not wear a watch on their wrist.”

“As a fashion accessory or expression of social status, wearing a watch may have an additional, albeit implicit, cognitive influence on wearers that makes them more conscientious and predictable,” Rob further explained.

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In conclusion, a watch is a convenient way to tell the time. However, the phone’s clock has modified functions that are not found in a normal wristwatch. For example, phones have a stopwatch and an alarm clock app that are not normally found in watches. You can also set reminders, which helps with planning daily tasks. Watches are still useful when it comes to telling time.

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