Do Vision Boards Work?

Do Vision Boards Work?

I have always been a firm believer in the power of goal setting and visualization. One way I set goals is by creating a vision board. With a few simple steps, you can create an inspiration board that looks fantastic and helps you visualize your best life.

What is a vision board?

Simply put, a vision board is a physical collection of items such as pictures, magazine clippings, words, and quotes that visually affirm your goals and dreams.

A vision board is basically a fancy name for a goal board or a dream board that wields the power of visualization. It is a visualization tool for your biggest goals and dreams created with pictures, words and other elements, usually on a corkboard or poster.

Creating a vision board
Creating a vision board

Vision boards work for people on many levels

  • Vision boards are an important part of annual goal-setting processes. They help set and prioritize goals, values and intentions.
  • Creating vision boards is fun and can be very artistic/creative.
  • The process of creating a vision board helps anchor goals and intentions in the individual’s mind and send them out to the universe.
  • Looking at your vision board regularly – with pictures and words that represent your goals, desires, and values – helps you remember what you want to do, be, and have. In this way, you can ensure that you continue to move toward these things, both consciously and unconsciously.

Do Vision Boards Work

Do you wish for a new love, a significant career, or a better self-image? Some people swear by the power of the vision board, a tool they use to map out and then hopefully achieve specific life goals.

The concept has been around for a few decades now and has been popularized by a handful of books and celebrities, probably most notably. It is based on the Universal Principle, which states that our mind is a powerful tool that can turn thoughts and desires into reality. “What we focus on expands and becomes our reality. Where the intention goes, the energy flows.

Is there a scientific basis for vision boards?

The effectiveness of vision boards has yet to be thoroughly and definitively researched, but similar studies are inconclusive.

Some studies have shown that visualizing working toward a goal (e.g., training for a sport or studying for a test) made participants more likely to put in the work (i.e., studying for the test) than if they only visualized the end result (getting an “A”).

Others see visualization as a way to motivate themselves and keep goals in mind. Overtime, star athletes have used visualization techniques as part of their training to prepare them for success. It has been shown that people who imagined lifting weights before going to the gym were able to lift more weights than those who did not.

Vison board making process
Vison board making process

How to make a vision board

Making a vision board is simple and inexpensive. All you need is a piece of poster board and many different magazines, drawings, printed inspirational words and, of course, glue.

Materials needed

  • Poster board
  • Magazines
  • Additional pictures and words (optional), printed from artwork, old books, or the internet
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks
  • Paper and pencil
  • Art supplies (optional), such as Sharpies, paint, glitter, or sequins


  1. Find images and words for the vision board

Find and cut out images and words that embody your goals and/or simply speak to you. Look through a stack of magazines (usually from the free stack at the public library or purchased for a quarter each at Goodwill). Then cut out anything you like – colors, words, interesting pictures that align with your goals. Always be on the lookout for images and words that relate to your goals.

  1. Assemble the Vision Board

Now it’s time to arrange your images and words on your poster board. So, with your poster board in front of you, and your pile of images at hand, go through the images and decide what belongs on the poster board and place it roughly in the section it will go. Trim backgrounds away or crop images as you go if you like. Then continue through the pile of clippings.

Some images will go on the poster board, some will go in a “later” pile to be used in a future collage, and some will just be recycled.

Once you have all of your goals and dreams represented on the board, stand back and take a look at it. How does it look?

If you’re happy with the board, proceed to the next step. Otherwise continue to arrange, add images or words, and trim around others until you’re satisfied.

  1. Glue Everything Together

Once you’re satisfied with the arrangement, begin to glue everything down. Working with one image or word at a time, turn it over, apply a layer of glue with a glue stick, then stick it to the poster board. Rub over it with your hands to smooth it out as much as possible.

  1. Hang your board

Once your vision board is ready, hang it where you will see it regularly. Think of your office, your bedroom, or your living room. It’s important to create a vision board, but it’s just as important to see it regularly.

You can frame it first or just stick it on the wall. Also, take a photo of the vision board. You can use this digital version as a wallpaper on your computer or phone.

  1. Use your vision board as a roadmap

Creating your vision board is just the beginning! Now it’s time to use it as a guide and roadmap for your new future.

There are so many ways you can do this:

  • Create an action plan for your goals (and then take action!).
  • Review your board as you create it, whether it’s your to-do list for the day or the week
  • Write a journal about the goals you’ve outlined on your whiteboard
  • Do visioning exercises (close your eyes and imagine yourself achieving your goal)
  • Get support in the areas you know you would benefit from.

As much as you long for approval, to conform to an ideal, to fit in, or to be accepted, the constant search for external validation – approval, praise, recognition, etc. – puts your energy into the hands of another. This is a resource that you cannot regulate or renew. Instead, when you connect with what truly feels right to you, you become the keeper of your own validation and energy.

To create a vision board, you first need to get clear about what is right for you. This means understanding the values and goals that drive you and practicing making choices that align with those elements of your personality.

Vision boards help you sharpen your focus and make decisions that move you closer to your purpose. They ensure that you are involved in the unfolding of your story, rather than just being a spectator as people and circumstances around you push and pull your life in different directions.

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