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Do you wear a bra? If not, why?

Do you wear a bra?

Recently, I asked my friends how often they wear bra and I got responses ranging from – “I wear bra only when I need to out”, “I wear bra only when I want to work-out”, “I’m addicted to wearing bra and I feel uncomfortable when I don’t wear one”, “I don’t wear bra at all due to the discomfort it causes me”, “I don’t wear bra when I am at home”, etc.

Some people say that only ladies with small breast can go without wearing bra but I disagree with this assertion as I have seen a lot of busty women who do not wear bra often. I think this largely has to do with one’s confidence and how you perceive your body image.

On the average, wearing a bra is primarily about comfort, the support it provides and often times, the beauty it gives to the shape of one’s breast in different outfits. For women with average sized breast, putting on a bra does not provide any definitive benefit for daily routine activities or to guide against sagging.

Breast in Bra

On the flip side, women with large breast, say a cup D size or larger will value the support a good bra will give to their breast. Most times, a sports bra will be beneficial when engaging in an exercise of strenuous physical activity probably just to keep things in place and not necessarily for support but far beyond that, people wear bras for fashion and modesty.

Is it harmful not to wear a bra?

Several studies have revealed that wearing a bra often can contribute to sagging as the breast is not allowed to grow and develop he normal connective and supportive tissues. While there is still a lot of on-going debate about this, other studies reflect that wearing a bra to bed has no significant benefit and may in fact cause harm to the user.

For ladies with size A cup breast, wearing a bra may not be absolutely necessary nor will it be particularly beneficial since such sizes can already stand firmly on their own and fit into outfits. However, women with conspicuous nipples say they are more comfortable with a bra on just for the purpose of modesty.

Although wearing a bra under a loose top or dress may be the right thing to do, there are other ways of covering up without necessarily wearing a bra and it could be a simple camisole or a fitted singlet.


To ascertain whether wearing a bra or not will not be conclusive as there are ongoing debates on this topic. For me, it is all about comfort. If you are comfortable and feel a lot freer braless, I’d say go for it and on the contrary, if a woman appreciates the support a bra provides when she’s actively carrying out her activities, then she should wear one. Bottom line here is that ladies should do what suits them and gives them the ultimate comfort they deserve.

In general, and for the vast majority of women out there, evidence shows that there is little physical benefit provided by bras, and they may, in fact, contribute to softer/weaker breast tissue that will sag more over time.

When is it appropriate to not wear a bra?

Results from polls conducted on different women reveal that they will not wear a bra when they are relaxing and not engaging in any physical activity. The rule of wearing a bra was just formulated by individuals like you and I to probably uphold modesty and help those who so desperately need to wear them. Truth is, you are the only one that gets to makes rules for your body.

There is that possibility that you may feel your boobs are too small, large, or saggy and of course it may take some time for you to feel comfortable without a bra, but by constantly repeating this truth in your head: “If I want to go braless, I can do it”, with time, you will get used to it.

Breast in a Bra

Here is a quick tip for you:

Do whatever you want with your boobs in the daytime that will make you comfortable around people and the activities you engage in, but don’t keep your bra on at night! This is because, bras put pressure on your skin that disrupt your sleep and potentially your blood/air circulation, if it’s too tight.

Always remember that: nobody actually cares and those who do are holding you to social rules you don’t need to follow.

Here are some things that happen when you stop wearing a bra:

You feel free: Bras can cause discomfort and be a bit of a hassle. Imagine something strapped to your chest all day. It is as if your breasts can breathe again when you take them off. No more underwire or padding that pushes it in positions that seem unnatural.

Movement: We all know the fact that bras hold our breasts in place. So when we are without them, any rigorous movement will result in a jiggle or bounce. Some might call it freedom while others may be embarrassed or uncomfortable. You can consider wearing tight tops to hold your breasts in place if you want to consider any physical activity like running or jogging.

Pain: When you stop wearing a bra, no matter how small your boobs are, you might experience back pain. The reason primarily being that your posture and your back gets affected when your breast doesn’t get the desired support from a bra.

So if you really are in pain, do not grin and bear it. It’s not healthy.

Do you wear Bras?

Wear bras, but make a conscious decision to keep away from the underwired and cupped ones. Buy a good bra that offers the right amount of support without causing any tension to your back, or affect your posture.

People notice: Be sure to note that you will suddenly draw a lot of attention, especially from the male gender. Be prepared for comments – both rude and supportive. You might experience snickering behind your back, men ogling at your chest and the like. But remember that it’s your body and you can do what you like with it.

Your clothes fit differently: This may differ from woman to woman as the absence of a bra affects small chested women more. No more padding to accentuate your tiny breast.

Bras play a huge role in accentuating your curves and so when you’re without them; it’s almost like downplaying your feminine curves. Do not expect a perfect silhouette without a bra. For example, your breast might droop under a skin tight top and not highlight your breast.

Woman in Bra

Your breast sweat has nowhere to disappear to: Yes, your breast sweat too just like any other part of your body and your bra does the job of absorbing all that sweat. So if find yourself sweating suddenly, you might want to head to the restroom and wipe it all off, before anyone notices your chest getting wet.

In summary, wearing a bra is actually optional and the choice of wearing a bra or going braless is totally yours. There is absolutely no harm in giving your bras a rest for a day or two.

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