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Does snowy weather make you younger?

Does snowy weather make you younger?

Are you a sun worshipper who loves the summer months, or a winter lover who thrives in cool temperatures? No matter which season you prefer, we all know that the weather can throw a wrench in your skincare routine.

Winter weather can strip your skin of moisture, leaving it dull, dry and flaky, and let’s not even get started on chapped lips. But those dark, cold nights have their benefits, too. Winter can do your skin more good than you think, and the cooler temperatures help prevent aging.

Moderately cold temperatures could be good for skin health because they constrict blood vessels in the skin. This makes the vessels less prone to redness and swelling because blood flow is reduced, Tucker explains. Also, the skin produces less oil and sebum in winter, so there may be fewer breakouts.

Even though we find cold weather uncomfortable, our skin can benefit from cooler temperatures. Cold weather promotes blood circulation, which reduces the likelihood of puffy eyes and puffiness on the face. In cooler temperatures, the blood vessels in your face respond with a fresh, “healthy” look – clear, bright eyes and rosy cheeks. Cool weather also tightens your skin’s pores and revitalizes your face, like a refreshing splash of cold water or a cold shower. Hot water has the opposite effect and can dry out your skin. That’s not to say that prolonged exposure to very cold air can’t harm your skin (frostbite). Always protect the skin at temperatures below freezing.

Here are 8 Ways Cold Weather Helps You Look Young:

1. Cold Weather Clears Pores

Cold weather has a positive effect on the skin because it reduces sebum production, which is known to make skin look greasy and clog pores with dirt. Excess oil can also accumulate in the pores, leading to breakouts and pimples. In addition, the drop in temperature has an astringent effect and reduces clogged pores, leaving the skin looking clear and clean.

2. It Rejuvenates the Skin

Splashing your face with cold water tightens pores and makes your skin look radiant and glowing. However, using cold water in winter can become a nerve-wracking experience. So, if you think of a hot water bath, you don’t have to worry about your skin drying out. It opens up the pores, and you can exfoliate better, leaving your skin soft and supple!

3. Time for Rosy Cheeks

In cold temperatures, blood vessels react more, causing redness in the cheek area. When your face is exposed to the cold outside, you can put on an all-natural blush look. We advise you to leave your blush at home once in a while to get a glowing complexion!

4. Winter Helps Revitalize Tired Skin

Say goodbye to poor air quality and welcome the fresh and clean cold air. The winter season is a great time to be outside and enjoy long walks in the fresh air. Winter helps to revive the natural structure of your skin and rejuvenate it.

5. Winter Means Less Tan!

Even though you are less exposed to the sun in winter, you should still apply a layer of sunscreen. However, winter prevents your skin from getting tan and dark. It also helps prevent wrinkles. Your skin products can be absorbed better in winter than in summer. Therefore, get all the important products this winter season.

6. The Best Time for Permanent Hair Removal

When winter is approaching, you can try a permanent hair removal treatment. During this time, the treatment not only works better, but there are also fewer reactions and even if there are reactions, you can hide them until they heal!

7. You Sleep Better In Winter

Around 7 hours of sleep is important for the health of your skin. It reduces dark circles under your eyes and keeps your complexion glowing. In the summer, many of us don’t get a good night’s sleep because we don’t feel comfortable in the heat. The body temperature must be cool if we want to have a healthy sleep. Therefore, some doctors believe that a slightly cooled room contributes to a better sleep.

8. Winter Helps You Burn Fat

This benefit is more of a whole body effect of winter. However, it can have a significant impact on your appearance. A 2012 study found that cold weather stimulates calorie burning. More specifically, the cold temperature signals the body to burn brown fat, making the winter season a catalyst for weight loss.

Winter may mean a runny nose and dry skin, but it can also help you look younger. Yes, the positive effects of cold weather on the skin are many! It helps reduce puffiness and prevents pores from becoming clogged. Also, you can lose weight faster than in the summer months. So show your best side and look forward to what winter brings. Make sure you take care of your skin and don’t expose it to too much harsh weather while trying to look younger!

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