How healthy is a rain bath?

How healthy is a rain bath?

I absolutely love rainy nights, particularly when I’m home snuggling under my duvet, probably with a snack and my favourite person (winks). But you will agree that no one will wants to be caught stranded probably by the road side on a rainy day. Amazingly, some persons love to get drenched in the rain with others seeing it as an avenue to take a bath. For some, they refrain from soaking in the rain in order to avoid getting sick.

Rainwater is naturally soft, meaning it contains fewer minerals than hard water. This is because rainwater has not flowed over rocks, through rivers, etc., and has absorbed the salts and minerals that may be present in groundwater or in the water supply.

Your hair loves water that is soft, has a neutral pH and is free of heavy metals. Rainwater meets these requirements perfectly. And if you don’t have to chlorinate your rainwater, that’s even better.

For the same reasons, your skin loves the purity and neutral pH of rainwater. If you have sensitive skin, it can help alleviate some of the symptoms associated with hard water.

Detergents and soaps also work better in soft water. Your soap will lather up better and you won’t need as much to get clean. The same goes for washing clothes and dishes – even dish detergent lasts longer in rainwater!

Do you know these health benefits of getting wet in rainwater?

  1. Eliminate heat rashes:

Due to the overwhelming heat, many people suffer from heat rashes. Children are very prone to this. Due to the heat, the small boils appear in the form of bumps on the skin, but once you get wet in the rain, these heat rashes will be reduced. When you get wet in the rain, the temperature of the skin evens out, which helps to get rid of heat rashes.

Rain Bath

  1. Your hair becomes shiny:

It is good to wash your hair with rainwater, research has shown that doing this will make your hair soft and shiny that you will not be able to believe yourself. Besides, bathing with rainwater cleans your skin better. You can make your skin clean and healthy.

  1. Get rid of skin problems:

Rainwater is good for skin and beauty. It effectively cleanses the body, skin and face. In addition, it also eliminates the bacteria responsible for boils and blisters on the skin. Due to the basic properties of rainwater, skin problems can be easily solved.

  1. balanced hormones:

If the balance of hormones in your body has deteriorated, you should take a bath in rainwater to balance it. It is said that the production of hormones in the body is balanced by getting wet in the rain. Apart from this, a rain bath is considered beneficial for relieving ear problems.

Rain Bath

Avoid the first rain:

We often want to enjoy the first rain. However, doctors believe that the first rain of the season is not recommended from a health perspective. This can not only increase the risk of poor health, but also skin diseases. Problems such as skin rashes and acne often occur during the first rainy season. This is because the first rain of the season is polluted, which directly affects our skin.

Some Safety Precautions to Practice

To enjoy the refreshing feel of a rainwater shower or bath, you don’t necessarily need to heavily treat your rainwater to make it safe. You should always have a filter in your rainwater system, but whether you need further detoxification depends on the pollution in your area and around your home.

Rain Bath

If necessary, there are a number of additional purification processes that can be added to a rain water system to ensure you have high-quality drinking water. One common addition is a UV lamp over the tank that kills harmful bacteria. It is important that you hire a professional to design and install this system, as improper installation can result in your water not being properly decontaminated.

If you plan to use rainwater for bathing and drinking, it is important that you have enough storage space.

Water Savings

After you install a rainwater harvesting system, you will not be charged for the water you extract from it. So it makes sense to get as much water as you can from rainwater. If you have enough rainfall and storage capacity to use rainwater for bathing, this would be another savings you could achieve by switching to a rainwater system.

Rain Bath

Rainwater systems significantly reduce your water bill and allow you to use your stored water as you please, avoiding water use restrictions during drier periods. When you feel like taking a long bath, you can take it knowing that the water is free and has fallen from the sky in its purest form.

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Is Your Rainwater Safe to Bath and Shower In?


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