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Is Travelling a Hobby

Is Travelling a Hobby

The simple answer to this question will be Yes. If you do it for pleasure in your free time, it is a hobby. For many people, travel meets these criteria. The advent of DIY vacation packages and price comparison sites has meant that many people can travel cheaply and increasingly frequently to nearby countries. For this reason, more and more people consider traveling as one of their hobbies.

In today’s world, the need to travel is more important than ever. Travel has become more than just a hobby for many people around the world. While some people take the view that one should only travel when necessary, many more people are realizing that travel should be an essential part of our lives.

We need to see the world. The philosopher Augustine is credited with the famous phrase, “The world is a book, and he who does not travel reads only one page.” If the world is a book, then we must strive to read as many pages as possible.

On the flip side though, the idea of travel as a hobby is very subjective. It depends on how you think about travel. Does it make you happy? Or is it something you do for money?

Do you often feel the need to visit places and find another place to seek adventure? Or is it a responsibility and an obligation for you to travel and meet certain requirements for your job?

For some, traveling is a hobby. It is a pleasurable experience that they want to do regularly and as often as possible. They feel happy when they travel, see people and learn about different cultures.

For others, it is a profession. For a few, it is a product of circumstances due to their working conditions. They have to visit a place and do field work, so they travel. Sometimes they have to capture a whole story, write about it, and submit it to their editors.

Travel means a lot of things to different people.

But for the people who make travel their hobby. I admire them. It’s hard to keep it up, and it takes a lot of skills to do it. It takes courage and a lot of talent to travel. It’s a whole umbrella of other hobbies that reveal different facets of yourself. It is a kind of hobby that encourages one to try another hobby to enjoy the place. It is the most adventurous and fearless thing you can do that has a lasting impact on your life.

Here are 15 Amazing Benefits of Travelling as a Hobby

  1. Your general health is improving.

Yes, it’s true. Traveling improves your health. “How?” you may ask. Well, travelling reduces stress, eliminates everyday anxiety, lowers blood pressure, and promotes mental health by distracting you from the worries of everyday life.

  1. You can switch off from your everyday life.

Hobbies are designed to help people switch off from all that is going on in their lives and take time out to relax, regroup and find new strength to carry on.

3. It opens your mind and broadens your horizons.

An open mind helps people get ahead in life. When you are in a foreign country and surrounded by everything that is foreign to you, you learn a lot, become more open to unusual things, and begin to think beyond the confines of your desk and your own four walls.

  1. You can practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness is about being 100% in the present moment, really experiencing it without letting your mind wander off to other things. When traveling, it’s hard to think about the worries of home. You can really live in the moment.

  1. You distance yourself from social dramas and routines.

When you are at home with your “normal crowd,” you tend to get caught up in all the unnecessary petty drama and routines. When you travel, you remove yourself from this type of scenario, and when you return, you will be less inclined to engage or get caught up in such behavior (of course, your mind will be too busy thinking about your next trip).

6. Your self-confidence and self-esteem will improve.

Traveling will introduce you to so many different people and cultures that you will realize that there is value in being who you are. People will take an interest in you, just as you take an interest in them. As a result, your self-confidence and self-esteem will improve.

  1. You will develop empathy and compassion.

Some of the destinations I have traveled to were beautiful, yet poverty stricken. You begin to realize how hard life can be, even when you are in an “idyllic” part of the world. As I began to recognize the plight of others less fortunate than myself, I became more compassionate and empathetic.

  1. One develops a cultural awareness.

When you spend your whole life in one place, you don’t get to know much about other cultures. Lack of understanding can often lead to persecution and mistreatment of others, or confusion about the values of others. In my travels, I have learned so much about other cultures that I have become much more aware and open to the otherness of other people and why they are different from me. It’s truly a transcendent experience.

9. Your self-awareness improves.

It is important to know yourself, who you are, what you want and what you like (or dislike). With the lifestyle we lead, it is often hard to figure these things out. Some people don’t find out for a lifetime. When you travel, you learn about yourself quickly and can become more self-aware.

  1. You meet new people and build on existing relationships.

Many people take up hobbies like cooking or pottery classes to meet new people while learning a new skill that is fun. Travelling is exactly the same. When you travel, you meet a lot of people along the way. I’ve made friends in bars, but I’ve also made friends while hiking, doing tourist activities, trying local dishes, and strolling through markets – you will too!

11. You will be challenged to grow as a person.

Not all destinations will be what you thought they would be. This is one of my favorite reasons why travel is a great hobby. When you travel to a destination that is on your bucket list, you will see the place through different eyes – realistic eyes. Some of the adventures will go off without a hitch, others won’t – and that’s where the challenge lies.

For me, tropical destinations were at the top of my travel hit list. I imagined sipping cocktails on the beach, getting a golden tan, island hopping and going to moon parties at night. In reality, all of that came to pass, except I unexpectedly got seasick, which is not a good thing when you’re sailing from one island to the next. It was an outrageous challenge, and I can honestly say I grew as a person!

  1. You get to try new things.

Everyday life can get pretty monotonous. Life becomes interesting when you enrich it with new activities. If you find that you spend a lot of time in front of the TV, phone, or computer, get out of your comfort zone and plan a trip. When you travel, you will eat strange foods, see unusual things, marvel at the most beautiful scenes, see things that honestly shock you, and maybe even learn a new skill.

Learning new things is an important part of choosing a hobby, which makes travel a good choice.

13. You create lifelong memories.

One day, hopefully far in the future, you will look back on your life and all your travels and realize that you have invested your life well. Memories are the only thing we really have left at the end of the day. Nothing else stays forever.

  1. You can combine traveling with other hobbies.

Traveling as a hobby is great for me because I can combine it with other hobbies that I enjoy a lot. For example, I have a pretty good camera that I try out on every trip. Travel photography is a very fun hobby. You could also plan activities at each destination that align with your current hobbies. For example, you could take cooking classes, practice yoga with other yogis, take a painting class, surf – whatever your additional hobbies are, you can live them out and enjoy them anywhere in the world.

15. Your creativity gets a good boost.

When you’re exposed to so many things outside the norm while traveling, you’re sure to get a creativity boost. Your mind starts to realize that the way you have always thought and acted is not the only way, and this is a good way to think outside the box.

In summary, travelling is a tree full of ripe fruit for anyone who dares to harvest from it and it’s never too late to give travel a try. Travel is more than just a hobby!

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