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Should I have a face and body towel separately

Should I have a face and body towel separately

What does a towel stand for? It stands for comfort, luxury and, above all, self-pampering. Long gone are the days when towels were just considered a commodity.

We spend so much time on skincare and go to spas and salons to moisturize our skin, but for our face we use the same bath towel. This is one of the biggest mistakes most of us make.

You probably use the same towel for your face and body every day. And most of us may not have even thought about it, right? We don’t even own that many different towels. How many times have you made fun of your friend or the family member who has about 10 different towels at home! You might be right about that!

We use our towels for our hands, face, body after bathing, after working out, after doing the dishes, after eating, etc. Think about the different types of bacteria and oils you pick up from these different places. Let’s get to the bottom of why we need separate towels.

You may think that your toilet seat is the most germ-laden item in your home, but that’s not true. In fact, it’s your towels that are the most bacteria-laden, and if you use them to wipe your face, you may be doing your skin a disservice. And while drying your face with a towel seems logical, it can actually do more harm than good.

Therefore, this article will present the benefits of using separate bath and face towels for your skin and hygiene.

You may wonder how to categorize or separate different towels. Of course, one important factor is the size, but the most important factor is the frequency of use. In addition, the placement of towels in the toilet also determines the use of a particular towel.

Why separate towels for body and face?

We spend so much time taking care of our skin, using different skin care regimens morning and night. But we don’t pay attention to cleaning and drying our freshly cleansed skin with a soft face towel.

The idea of drying the face with the same bath towel used to dry other parts of the body is indeed disgusting. But it’s not just about germs, bacteria or general cleanliness, it’s also about skin care products.

We use various products on our bodies, such as exfoliators, polishes, moisturizers, fragrances, and various hair care products that end up on our faces as well. Also, all these products can clog the pores on your face, which can lead to breakouts or in extreme cases, rashes or skin irritation.

Your bath towel will collect all the residue from your skin, including dead skin cells, bacteria, fungi and other oils. In unfavorable cases, raw or open skin with active infection on your body can spread to your face. Conversely, the makeup you remove from your face should not spread to other parts of your body.

Therefore, using the bath towel on your face can lead to severe infections and acne breakouts.

Besides, the facial skin is different from the rest of the body. Your face needs a gentle and soft touch; therefore, a facial towel should be made of natural fibers and not synthetic fabrics.

Some bath towels are made of terry cloth, which is relatively rough for facial skin. A towel made of terry cloth is an excellent exfoliator for the body, but it can cause friction on the face and lead to stains. It can also remove all natural oils from the skin.

Why you should not use same towels for your face and body.




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  1. It can lead to acne.

Drying your face with the same towel you use to dry your body could be doing more harm to your skin than you think. Towels are great bacteria catchers, and since we usually keep them in the bathroom where the air is humid, they create the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. When you rub your face with the towel, all that bacteria gets directly onto your skin, which can eventually lead to breakouts and clogged pores. Even if you use a different towel for your face than you do for your body, you probably don’t wash it every day, and unwanted bacteria can still get on your skin.

  1. Your skin may age faster.

Bath towels made of Terry cloth are too rough for your face. Using them can cause tiny cracks in your skin, making it prone to infections and wrinkles. The more you wash towels, the more brittle the fabric becomes, and the friction they create acts like an exfoliant that can be too much for your skin.

  1. It reduces the effectiveness of skin care products.

Drying your face after washing may seem like a natural thing to do, but in reality, it doesn’t allow your skin to get the most out of the products you apply. Your moisturizer can better penetrate the skin before all the water has evaporated from the surface. By forgoing towel drying, your skin care products can lock in the moisture your skin needs to look youthful and radiant.

Take a look at these 7 towel hygiene measures you should know:

  1. Never share your towel with anyone.
  2. Always wash your towel as often as possible (usually after three uses).
  3. Make sure to rinse your towel well after washing.
  4. Do not leave your towel wet, always place it in the sun to dry to avoid moisture that can cause bacteria.
  5. Towels kept in a bathroom that is usually damp and not completely dry should be washed after one use.
  6. If you have eczema or sensitive skin, try to wash all towels after single use to avoid further irritation.
  7. Avoid using a particular towel for a very long time.
Should I have a face and body towel separately
Should I have a face and body towel separately

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