What Does The Black Moon Emoji Mean

The Black Moon Emoji

The emojis’, the emoticons have become a fun way to communicate through applications or social networks; their importance is so great that they even have their own day to celebrate being July 17 of every year.

Emojis’ are great for expressing feelings that you don’t necessarily want to write. They are also great for replacing short messages to not only increase typing speed, but also convey meaning in a visual way. That being said, there are more than 1500 emojis’ today, and the chances of you knowing them all are very slim. You don’t have to remember the meaning of all emojis’, but knowing the most important ones will help you communicate better.


What does the black moon emoji mean?

The black moon emoji is one of many different moon emojis’. This emoji involves a bit of a strange search, but it’s still chosen by many customers. This emoji can be used in two connotations: First, it expresses a strange mood or activity, and second, it is an expression of humor. Sometimes it is used to give a sly meaning to a message.

Feeling strange

While the black moon emoji implies a strange quest, it is used in text messages when people have unusual thoughts and want to share them. For example, “Personally, this is why I think weird. My brain is complicated. You will find different thoughts.”, “It’s just a boring day. I don’t know what to do.”

This emoji can be used to refer to those who engage in strange activities, e.g., “He’s a fascinating person. Sometimes I don’t understand what he’s trying to say or what he’s doing.”

The black moon emoji can be inserted into a text to refer to terror shows or reports, such as, “I saw a horror movie yesterday and it was terrible.”

Expressing a sense of humor

Although it can be used to express strange thoughts or activities, the black moon emoji is placed in texting as an expression of a sense of humor. In such cases, there is a big difference between the meanings of different smiley emojis’. They can be used to mean a grin, a joke, having a good time, amusement, and more.

The “black moon” emoji is used for various manipulations of photos. People put this emoji in their head and have fun. For example, with a critical experience, this emoji is changed to include a grinning look. The emoji is altered with a moon in a photo and provided to a buddy to say “good night”. The black moon emoji can be observed in the photos of animation characters. The facial skin of these people are transformed with this particular emoji and they look funny.

Express insidious thoughts

Many people use the black moon emoji to show their devious thoughts. For men, in many cases, these ideas are about showing his passion. Therefore, he might convey this emoji to women to create warm moments. In this situation, the black moon emoji is usually used when texting or teasing to convey warm communication, comments and more. For example, “Can I see what you are?”

What does the black moon emoji mean sexually?

It turns out that according to the Urban Dictionary, the use of this emoticon is to make invitations or sexual connotations through conversations.

Recent studies reveal that the black moon emoji is associated with the emphasis on sexual innuendo that usually occurs in texts the morning after between two people who just had sex hours before.

What does the black moon emoji mean coming from a man?

Most times, some men are uncomfortable expressing their love. So they prefer to stay cool. That’s exactly what a man does when he sends you the black moon emoji. They are trying to express their feelings but still look casual. … If a man just wants to be friends, there’s no way he’s going to send that emoji.

However, the cultural meaning is a little different… it is often used as a symbol that the speaker is teasing, playfully teasing/bullying you. It can also mean to “outshine” (speak critically of) the one you are talking about.

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