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What is a Happy Ending Spa Treatment?

Happy Ending Spa Treatment

A massage is truly one of the most beautiful pleasures in life. Relaxing your body and mind through the nurturing touch of another human being is indeed a great way to unwind from the stresses of everyday life. If your boss is pushing you too hard or the housework is piling up, a visit to a spa can salvage what’s left of your priceless health.

Many people, especially those who travel to Southeast Asia, are often curious about a happy ending massage. For those who are less informed, such treatment may seem like a travel myth, but the happy ending massage is a real thing and we have some answers to your questions.

What is a Happy Ending Massage?

A “happy ending” is when a person giving a massage chooses to intentionally “stimulate” the genitals of the recipient (male or female) in order to sexually arouse the person (and/or usually) bring the client to orgasm. The person doing this may use their hands, mouth, and/or other body parts and/or object to accomplish this. This must be done with the client’s consent.

There are some sure indications that your massage spa or parlor is a place for happy ending massages. For example, “Pleaser’s Spa” is a common cover for such establishments or treatment lists that offer “Asian massage,” “tantric massage,” or even as explicit as “body-to-body” massage.

Pleaser’s massage parlors have been the front for prostitution and brothels for decades, although in some parts of the world, pleaser’s massage is far less sleazy and indecent than it might seem at first glance.


Is a Happy Ending Spa Treatment Legal?

That is a very good question! The simple answer is: “It depends”. In the United States of America, a happy ending massage is strictly forbidden and not performed in reputable spas and beauty salons.

A hint or even an open request for a happy ending massage in a spa in the United States of America will not only humiliate and humble your massage therapist, but also give him a good reason to refuse to serve you, no matter how much money you want to offer!

Whether you are a man or a woman, if you ask for a happy ending massage in the USA, you will quickly be met with a stern and somewhat insulted explanation of the professional limitations of a massage therapist.

It is important to know that the availability of this type of service is strictly based on what is obtainable in the location you find yourself per time.

What happens during a happy ending massage?

The details will change depending on which massage therapist you have, as each service has its own set of protocols. But this is what you can probably expect from a happy ending massage:

Step 1: Preparing for the massage

As with any massage, you will be taken to the location (most likely a room) and asked to remove your clothing and lie down on the massage table. It is common courtesy to shower beforehand. As a rule, massages begin with your face down. Some massage therapists will explain exactly if you should remove your underwear and cover yourself with a towel, which is called draping. If you are unsure, just ask.

Step 2: A slow and sensual start to the massage.

Your massage therapist will begin working on your back. He may use hot oils or lotions, and you may be asked what you prefer. You may be clothed, topless, or in some cases, nude. This can be discussed with you beforehand, with you stating your preferences. You may notice that your masseuse slowly and gradually incorporates your erogenous zones into the massage. A full body massage can last anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes, though the duration will likely be agreed upon in advance.

Step 3: The massage is taken to the extreme.

Halfway through the massage, you will be asked to turn over onto your back. At this stage of the massage, your neck, face, thighs, chest or breasts may be included. The masseur or masseuse may ask for your consent as he/she approaches your erogenous zones, or he/she may pay attention to nonverbal signals from you, such as moaning and slightly opening your legs.

Step 4: The happy ending

This usually happens at the very end. If you cover your genitals with a towel, you can do a hand job or clitoral stimulation/fingering under the towel. Some people are asked to use a condom. Do not touch the masseuse unless she/he has clearly and enthusiastically consented. Many testimonials admit that this part is usually over pretty quickly. A happy ending massage is about sexual satisfaction and pleasure, so orgasm and ejaculation are expected (no pressure though!).

Step 5: Refresh

Once your happy ending is over, you will be handed a towel to freshen up with. Your masseuse can leave the room so you can get dressed in peace. Throw the towel and/or condom in the trash can.

Step 6: Tip

Tipping is customary. The amount of the tip depends on the type of service and the place where it is received. And most importantly, don’t forget to say thank you!

The golden rules are; don’t cause offence and keep yourself safe.

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