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What Should I Do Once I Turn 18?

What Should I Do Once I Turn 18?

Finally! You’re 18! I bet you’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. All the things you can do at 18 seemed so far away – until now.

You’ve just reached another milestone. And it’s not just any milestone. It’s THE milestone. You’re an adult. When you turn 18, it’s the long-awaited moment when you come of age. You can now do all the things you dreamed or hoped about when you were a kid.

It’s like a door has opened to a whole new world of pleasure. Only this time it’s adult fun that used to be taboo, which makes it much more exciting and scary.

Turning 18 is a big event for many young people. It brings with it new responsibilities, challenges and opportunities.

It can feel scary, but you can look forward to starting the next chapter of your life, a chapter where you can be more independent and have new experiences.

This is an exciting and liberating time. When you’re 18, you’re no longer restricted by the fact that you’re still a minor, at least for some things.

But with that comes a lot of responsibility. Yes, you have a new level of freedom, but with that comes the burden of making the right decisions.

Mistakes are no longer swept under the rug as juvenile or childish. The choices you make from now on really impact your life.

It can be tough when all of that changes overnight. Suddenly you have to find the balance between independence, freedom and responsibility.

There are many things you can do when you’re 18. I’m sure you’ve thought about many of them, but probably not all of them. Take it from someone who turned 18 ten years ago. There are a lot of things you haven’t thought about.

Things to do when you turn 18

There are lots of fun things to do when you’re 18. You’re probably still in high school or maybe college and have a lot of time to explore. You can do some fun and exciting things that you never could have done without an adult present.

But before you jump into the fun you’ll have now that you’re 18, there are a lot of other things you need to consider. Familiarize yourself with these things you can do now that you’re 18.

1. Work more hours

Being 18 means you can have limitless fun if you want. It also means that there are far fewer restrictions on how often you can work.

It means that you can work more than the given hours without any legal restrictions, except those for humanitarian reasons. That means more money in your pocket. That money also means you have more access to things you need it for.

2. Get a credit card

You can now get your own credit card, which is either an advantage or a problem depending on your spending and payment habits. Sure, you can open a credit card and invest in a laptop for school. But you can also open a credit card without thinking about your future.

This is a good time to build a good credit history. Use your card for essentials like groceries or gas and pay it back every month. But the availability of this credit can be tempting. If you’re 18 and have access to this money, you can also get into debt and take out bad credit, which will greatly affect your future.

3. Find your independence

At 18, you can also feel more independent because you can *finally* get your own place. You’ll probably still be living at home with your parents for a while, but if you’re determined to move out and can afford it, the world is your oyster.

4. Buy a car

Maybe you already have a car, but now that you’re 18, you can buy your own. You no longer need someone to co-sign for a loan. You can’t rent a car when yours is in the shop, but having your own car is more exciting anyway.

5. Vote

Another very important right, perhaps the most important, that you have now is the ability to vote. You are old enough now to make your own informed decisions, so you can voice your opinion about who you want elected to office.

You shouldn’t overlook this. The world changes based on who is in office, and your voice matters. Research thoroughly and consider all candidates. Who offers the most for the future you want to live in?

6. Get married

Upon reaching the age of majority, you can now tie the knot. Want to marry your high school sweetheart? Go for it.

Some people who get married right out of high school are still happy 40 years later. But that’s definitely the exception, not the rule. So think about it carefully.

7. Drinking outside the USA

While the minimum drinking age in the U.S. is 21, it’s 18 in most other countries. So go to Italy and drink wine with a delicious pasta dish. I’m not saying this is the reason you should travel, but it will help you figure out your drinking limit before you return to the US.

8. Consent to have sex with another adult

If you are 18 years old, you can legally have consensual sex with another adult. If you are under 18, in many states you are not mature enough to give consent. At 18, you are considered mature enough to have a relationship with an adult.

9. Travel outside your home country.

Explore. Take some time to go on an adventure and explore the world. Whether you’re taking a road trip with your family or visiting your best friend at camp, traveling opens your mind to new experiences.

10. Say yes to something that scares you.

Now is the time to break out of your comfort zone. Forget your fears and try something completely new (as long as it’s safe and won’t get you into trouble, of course).

There you have it… most of the things you can do at 18 are right in front of you. So, which are you going to take advantage of?

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