Why are arsenal fans called ‘gunners’ or ‘gooners’?

Why are arsenal fans called ‘gunners’ or 'gooners'?

Did you know that Arsenal is one of the oldest and most iconic clubs in the history of English soccer? Even though they have fared poorly in recent seasons, you can’t deny that they have a rich history behind them. Arsenal has been called “Gunners” or “Gooners” for more than a century, have you ever wondered why? If yes, then we have the answer for you. Here you will find out why Arsenal is called “Gunners” in the history of soccer club.

The Origin of the Gunners

Towards the end of 1886, Arsenal was founded by a small group of factory workers from the Woolwich Arsenal Armament Factory under the name “Dial Square”. The founders named the club after the sundial above the entrance to their factory. The club began to participate in tournaments and, of course, became increasingly popular with the locals. Players from Nottingham Forest (a top club at the time) joined Dial Square, bringing with them the iconic red jersey.

Why are arsenal fans called ‘gunners’ or 'gooners'?
A Passionate Arsenal Fan

What was initially a small club with less than 20 members soon became one of the fan favorites. The Woolwich Armament Factory supplied weapons such as artillery and explosives for the Royal Army of Britain. After gaining popularity, the club was renamed Royal ‘Arsenal’ Football Club. As the theme and name of the club was heavily based on ammunition and weapons, the club’s supporters affectionately nicknamed Arsenal the ‘Gunners’. A tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation for more than a century.

The road from Dial Square to Arsenal Football Club has been long and arduous. The club has evolved from a small local team to one of the biggest clubs in the world in more than a century. In all these years, only one thing has remained constant for Arsenal, and that is their beloved nickname: Gunners.


What about the Iconic Cannon on Arsenal’s Crest? 

Arsenal’s logo has changed over eleven (11) times throughout its history. In 1888, Arsenal released its first logo, which was identical to the coat of arms of the Metropolitan Borough of its hometown, Woolwich. In 1992, the cannon, Arsenal’s trademark, was included in the logo for the first time, as Arsenal had moved its home stadium to Highbury shortly before. Since then, the cannon can be found in all coats of arms and symbolizes the roots of the soccer club.

From 1994 to 2001, the term Gunners appeared at the top of the crest, a small homage to the club’s famous nickname. Although the Gunners have been removed from the crest, the cannon is still present. We believe that the cannon has become an icon for Arsenal and its identity. Therefore, the cannon will be on the North London club’s crest for many years to come.

Arsenal Fan

Why are Arsenal Fans called “Gooners”? 

Although it may seem that “Gooners” is just another pronunciation of the club’s name “Gunners,” that is not the case. In the 1970s, rowdiness was rampant among Arsenal fans. Their unpredictable and loud nature led to them being referred to as “Goons” and hence “Gooners”.

The term was initially an insult to Arsenal fans by rival fans, but soon caught on and Arsenal fans around the world began to use the term with pride. Today, Arsenal fans proudly call themselves “Gunners” or “Gooners”.

Arsenal Players

So “Gunners”, are you an Arsenal fan who can’t get enough of the game? Did you find this article useful in answering this lingering question you had? Well read about more exciting topics here.



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